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Company info

Name of the Company: E-Handel 9000
The Company goes by the name of:

the Company is a Part owned company
CVR serial number: 33585071
The Company was established year: 2011
The address of the Company: Faaborgvej 7, 9220 Aalborg Oest, Denmark
Telephone number: +45 98 18 18 39 
We are open for phone calls Monday to Friday between 9am – 3pm
E-mail address: [email protected]
E-mail address for placing an order: [email protected]
Web address:

Placing an order:

Order your products at on our websites homepage or via E-mail.
All prices listed on the website include VAT and Tax. Except countries outside EU.
Countries outside EU, pay VAT and Tax when they recive their purchase. Additional fees may accur. 
When placing an order using our website it is possible to place your order in Danish or English.
When a contract has been established we store the contract as an e-mail or as a document on the website. The contract then becomes available also for you to see.

As a costumer of ours you must accept that not all products come with a Danish manual. However, we will accompany the product with a Danish manual when possible.


When using your debit card whilst paying for a purchase at, you are secured against misuse because it is possible to reject a payment after having received your statement.  
Data sent to us when placing an order using debit card is encrypted (SSL) which means that only PBS are able to read the data. 

The payment for your purchases will not be deducted from your account before the package has been shifted. It is not possible to deduct larger amounts than what you have spent from your account.

Listed below are the available payment methods at our

Due to Black Friday we cannot make changes to orders. Therefore, please check that the information given is correct.


We at guarantees that your products will be sent to you the same day you place your order. Please be aware though that on weekdays, your order must be made before 4 pm. uses “PostNord” and they offer a delivery time of 2 to 4 days.
Once your package has been sent you are able to track it at

-  Delivery time could be prolonged due to Black Friday


It is possible to regret a purchase from 2trendy. All you need to do is return the package within 14 days after having received it. It is also possible to have it returned if you deny receiving it on the actual delivery day. The price of your purchase will be refunded to your debit card.
If you decide to return your package, please be aware that the cost of sending it return is for you to pay. It is not paid by
If you return a package there are two things that are essential if we are to accept it. Firstly, all items have to be accounted for and they also have to be in the same condition as received. Secondly, pleae leave a note in the box with your order number. See more info at: 
Your right to withdraw is therefore not possible if you use the items in a way that gives the item less value and prohibits us from selling it on. 
A return package purchased by using a gift certificate, will not be refunded in cash but as a discount code, which of cause sums up to the same amount that was on the gift certificate. 
If you return everything purchased except for the free gift that sometimes are included, especially when big orders are made, then 2trendy will charge that gifts sale price.

If you wish for a refund of a returned package, please type in your registration number and account number on a computer. Handwritten registration and account number will not be accepted, and if we are to receive handwritten info we will choose to transfer your money to the account used when purchase was made. 

When returning your purchase from 2trendy, wanting your money refund though a bank-wire, the cost of this will be split between us, and you. This means a certain amount will be withdrawn from your money-refound. 

Unless otherwise told, a return package will be sent to the address the customer has used when placing an order.

If you receive any items with a default please contact us via support..2TRENDY.DK before sending the item return.  If there has been no contact before returning any items that have a default, we do not offer to pay for the postage.

Return address:

Faaborgvej 7
9220 Aalborg Oest
Telephone number: +45 98 18 18 39
E-mail: [email protected]

Contact us at [email protected] if you have any complaints. We will do our best to help find a solution.