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Comfort Shirts

Our comfort shirts are some of the most amazing shirts you’ll ever try. The shirts have built in stretch and are made of 100% Cotton. Comfort and incredible style along with a perfect fit are the key elements that make up our comfort shirts. They are simple and straightforward - great quality for an affordable price.

The comfort shirts have an elegant look, which look great in the office, when going out and especially in combination with our comfort pants

On this page, you’ll find a carefully selected arrangement of comfort shirts, that will give you the most bang for your buck. All the shirts are in timeless colors and designs, so you’ll be left with a shirt that will last you a lifetime, and that will never be out of style

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Comfort shirts

If you’re looking for an amazing shirt that will both be comfortable and long lasting, while leaving you looking absolutely stunning, our comfort shirts should be a must in your wardrobe. The composition of 100% cotton along with the great stretch capabilities results in a soft and stretchy shirt. The slim fitting nature of the shirt makes it perfect for formal situations, or just everyday life at the office. You can combine the shirts with your favorite pants and accessories for a complete outfit that will last you a long time and make you comfortable no matter what life throws at you.

The biggest convenience of the comfort shirt is that they are more comfortable than the traditional dress shirt. Because the shirt is so stretchy, it feels less restricting than a normal shirt without the stretch. This allows you to use the shirt for any activity anytime. Whether that’s at the office or coming home for the holidays. You could even use it for more sporty activities - the possibilities are truly endless. The 100% cotton composition also makes for a durable shirt that can hold up with anything you throw at it, as well as keeping the fit and shape after many wears and washes. As explained above, the shirt can be used anywhere and anytime, and the comfort phenomenon is highly popular anywhere you go, because they create a modern, trendy and stylish look, without suffering in the comfort department.

The fit

The fit of a dress shirt is perhaps the most important thing to consider when looking for an upgrade to your attire. This goes for both normal shirts and our comfort shirts. Because the shirt is made to be formed around your body, and not the other way around, the shirt can for some people feel a little small. This is why we recommend you go up a size, if you are normally in between two sizes. So if you normally wear either medium or large, we recommend you to pick large. This will ensure the best fit possible, while still leaving you comfortable and ready to rock your day.

With the comfort shirts on our page, you can style them with pretty much anything. We have comfort shirts in both solid colors and with stripes. This way, you can choose the shirt that matches your personality best and really express your fashion sense.

Creating the perfect outfit

When it comes to putting together an outfit with our comfort shirts, there are many different options. You of course want to look your best, no matter where you are going, so here we have collected some options for you to consider, or just inspire you in your pursuit of the perfect outfit.

Bottoms: When choosing pants to go with your dress shirt, there are many different options to choose from. If you want a more formal look, consider a pair of dress pants or trousers that match in color with your shirt. If you want a more relaxed and down to earth fit, jeans could be a great option. A darker colored pair of jeans might be more formal, where a light wash can make the outfit more casual and relaxed.

Blazers and jackets: The outer layer of an outfit is just as important as any other layer, and of course you want a nice jacket to keep you warm. Pair the dress shirt with dress pants and a wool coat for a formal and polished look. Or maybe a comfort blazer if you’re going to a special event.

Shoes: Now that you have the outer layer as well as the shirt and pants in place, it’s time to consider what shoes that go with your outfit. Again, there are different options. If you want to continue down the path of the formal attire, a pair of classic dress shoes or loafers might be right down your alley. However, if you want a more casual appearance, a pair of classic white sneakers should be your go to.

Accessories: Now that you have the full outfit covered, it’s time to take a look at the cherry on top - Accessories. There are tons to choose from, and the possibilities are countless. Get a stylish belt, some eye-catching jewelry or a fashionable watch. With the right accessories, you can take an outfit to the next level, and you'll be ready for anything.