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Let's just be honest – a hoodie is an indispensable part of any man's wardrobe. Numerous cool brands have made their entrance, and it's almost impossible to find a brand with self-respect that hasn't embraced hooded sweatshirts with drawstrings and a fantastic fit for every man. They're ingenious for slightly chilly summer evenings, when it's too cold for a T-shirt; perfect to throw on before a workout or when running errands. However, a hoodie is also suitable for a night out or other forms of festivity. In other words, a hoodie offers you a multitude of possibilities as an integral part of your wardrobe. Hence, it probably doesn't come as a surprise that we've stocked our shelves with the finest selections, sourced from some of the most popular brands in men's fashion.
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History of the Hoodie

There is no definitive answer as to when the hoodie became popular. Perhaps your interest stems from seeing Sylvester Stallone throw punches as Rocky Balboa? However, the most well-known version of the hoodie is the one where rhymes are spat out from the hood's shadows, while a couple of hand signs find their way from the sleeves. Since the early days of hip-hop, it has been a constant fixture in street fashion, something that still holds true. And for good reason. Not just due to the ridiculously wide range of possibilities a hoodie offers, but also because it's a cool piece of clothing in itself. Who hasn't looked amazed at Kanye West, Travis Scott, or Action Bronson, mysteriously huddled in their hoods while throwing hand signs and spitting strong words on a street corner? Guilty as charged. One thing is certain, the hoodie is here to stay, even if you don't have the freshest bars in stock for the weekend. On the other hand, we have the hottest styles ready for you. That's why you'll find brands like Denim Project and Kronstadt among others.

Finding the Right Hoodie for You

A hoodie is just a hoodie, you might think? For us, it's about sending a message and clearly showcasing who you are through your clothing. This is where the versatility of the hoodie comes fully into play, as there's hardly a fashion police out there ready to chase you down with blaring sirens and flashing lights, no matter how you choose to style your hooded sweater. And no, you no longer need to fear having to pair a hoodie with a pair of faded, dull joggers. We also have an impressive range of both track pants and jeans in stock, so feel free to go wild.

Different Fits

We are incredibly proud of our extensive selection of different hoodies, catering to a variety of tastes. With our numerous brands, colors, and styles, there's plenty to choose from when you're in the mood to pamper yourself and your wardrobe with a new hoodie. We don't compromise, so all our styles are carefully selected with the ambition that you should appear exactly as you wish. You can always choose between a skinny fit, a regular fit, and a baggy fit when selecting a hoodie.

A skinny fit is, of course, a tighter version of a hoodie, most commonly found in zip-up models.

The regular fit is undoubtedly what you're familiar with, allowing you to breathe and wear a T-shirt underneath without it being too loose around the waist. This fit is great if you want a hoodie that you can wear for various occasions and with different pants.

The baggy fit is here to stay, especially with low shoulders and spacious sleeves. Combine the oversized hoodie with a pair of loose fit jeans for a well-composed look.

At 2Trendy, you'll find hoodies with and without pockets, whether you prefer the spacious kangaroo pocket at the bottom of the front or you'd rather slip your hands into a side pocket.

Zip it!

A hoodie doesn't necessarily mean a large, bulky sweatshirt that absolutely has to be pulled over your head, ruining the hairstyle you've just tamed before heading out the door. At 2Trendy, you'll also find a wide selection of different hoodies with zippers that you can easily throw over any T-shirt, polo, or shirt when the weather gets cooler outside. You can also get inspired by the festival style and tie it around your waist or shoulder for an extra touch to your outfit, allowing you to take it on or off as it suits you. Or just wear it open-style if the weather is somewhere in-between, even in the summer. If the long drawstrings are a mystery to you, you can tighten the hood and tie a knot in front. This style has become popular with zip-up hoodies that remain unzipped. Put on a cool T-shirt underneath or stick to classic monochromatic colors for a simpler look. It's a style we'd approve of any day at 2Trendy

The Hoodie is a Perfect Choice

A hoodie is the perfect choice for a modern and stylish guy who wants a youthful and playful style that really stands out.
With a hoodie, you get a cheeky and cool style that will attract increased interest and attention, which is undoubtedly what you're interested in. A hoodie strengthens your image as a casual and relaxed guy who's comfortable in his own skin and, most importantly, cares about his appearance.
Hoodies should have a cool design and a stylish expression if they're to make a serious difference to your appearance. That's why we've gathered a vast selection of hoodies from all the well-known brands here on the site.
And of course, the price is incredibly reasonable, so you can shop for clothes with confidence at our store!

Tasty and Affordable Hoodies for Your Outfits

In addition to having a cool and modern design, a hoodie should naturally come at a good and affordable price so that you can always easily participate.
Therefore, we've taken the opportunity to buy in bulk here at 2trendy, so we can keep the prices as low as possible to your advantage. This way, you get both modern and stylish hoodies with a cool design as well as low prices that won't hurt your wallet.
We keep ourselves up-to-date with new collections and brands, ensuring that you're always guaranteed the hottest hoodies here on the site.

Create a Cool Street Style and Showcase Yourself as a Winner!

If you're a fan of a playful and cool streetwear style, then a stylish hoodie is the perfect way to go.
Hoodies are well-known in the streetwear industry, and they're an absolute must if you want to stand out in the cityscape and be completely fabulous.
With hoodies—and streetwear clothing in general—you get a unique opportunity to differentiate yourself from all the others, so you can be noticed, make your mark, and ultimately capture all the attention.
Moreover, hoodies are great for making you appear confident, charming, and self-assured, which is advantageous in all aspects. Fundamentally, a hoodie provides you with a great foundation for a cool style!