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When we talk about shopping and bags, it's often the female gender that comes to mind. However, that's an outdated notion, and today, things have changed significantly. Everyone needs a bag or two, so it makes perfect sense. At 2trendy, we've made sure to select a variety of stylish bags - both bags that can enhance your masculine image and those that can elevate your style to entirely new levels.
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The Everyday Backpack

Backpack, bookbag, rucksack - there are many words for the type of bag we probably need the most. At least during the first many years of our lives when we go to school and have to carry around heavy books. If you're looking for a backpack for school use, there are some things to consider. If you have a lot of books, it's a good idea to buy a bag with thick and sturdy straps. It's also a clear advantage to have many compartments so you can store your pencil case, lunchbox, wallet, headphones, chewing gum, and various essential items to get through the school day. A compartment for your computer is also really handy, so you can take good care of it. A backpack is also suitable for much more than just a school day. It's the perfect everyday bag but can also be a great bag to take on trips, whether in nature or in the city. Or if you're heading to the skate park, you can find a backpack with straps to secure your skateboard to the bag.

Shoulder Bags with Room for the Essentials

Shoulder bags are no longer just for women either. Today, there are some fantastic masculine and unisex shoulder bags that have space for all the most important things. For example, if you're going to a party in the city, on vacation, strolling the streets, or if you're tired of the fanny pack - but more on that later. A shoulder bag is best worn as a cross-body bag, so you put the strap over your head. This type of bag can elevate your outfit, but it's also important that it serves a function. So, look for a shoulder bag with multiple compartments and room for your wallet and phone.

Festival 101: The Fanny Pack

A bag that is practical, functional, and fashionable is the popular fanny pack. This type is probably the one we at 2trendy find the hardest to live without. One thing is for sure - a fanny pack is at the top of our survival guide for festivals. A fanny pack is perfect for the many summer festivals, but also for parties, city trips, strolls through the streets, and all other occasions where you don't want to carry your phone and wallet in your hand. Fanny packs, as they are called in English, first entered the fashion scene in the 1980s and 1990s. For this reason, you'll also see many major brands designing retro fanny packs that match these decades. To find a stylish fanny pack, look for one made of leather or explore the beautiful designs from Eastpak and H2O.

Back to School

And when the summer fun and games are over, and you hopefully crave returning to your familiar surroundings and routines, you'll also need a variety of bags. If you're going back to school, you'll obviously need a backpack for your books. But have you considered getting a new pencil case to keep your pencils organized so you don't have to constantly ask your seatmate if you can borrow one? The start of school is the perfect time to get truly organized and enjoy it while it lasts. A new computer sleeve can also be a luxury. Make sure to protect your computer from scratches and spills by storing it in a sleeve when it's in your bag. Here at 2trendy, we have the finest leather sleeves in beautiful colors, and you'll also find sleeves for tablets.

Business Briefcases

Another way to carry your computer other than in a backpack is in a fancy briefcase. We must admit that we can't resist these exquisite business-style bags. They are truly classic and are, of course, suitable for a workday in the office. But they can also be used for much more. In addition to space for important documents, they typically have cardholders, pen holders, a slot for your mobile phone, and keys. If you want to look classy, a leather briefcase is the obvious choice, but the bag is also really good if you're the type who loves to stay organized.

On the Go: Weekend Bags

If a planned outing lasts longer than just one day, you obviously need some essentials. You can pack them smartly in a so-called weekend bag, which is perfect for a weekend-long stay - hence the name, of course. We especially love the nice leather bags from Still Nordic, which have room for what you need and allow you to look good at the same time. Of course, a weekend bag should be practical, but it can also be a bit stylish so you can travel with flair. For example, on a spa getaway with your partner, a quick hotel trip, a stay in a summer cottage, or a weekend at your parents' place. When you're heading out, don't forget a toiletry bag for your bathroom essentials.

Choose the Right Color

When buying a bag, besides choosing the right type, it's also important to choose the right color. Even though bags can be really beautiful and funky, they shouldn't dominate too much in terms of color. Therefore, choose subdued colors that don't steal too much attention from your outfit. The bag should complement your outfit, not the other way around. Dark blue, gray, black, brown, white, and a casual bordeaux are the colors you see the most when it comes to bag designs. Nevertheless, there's always room for experimentation - even with colors.

2trendy Has Your Back

At 2trendy, we've made sure to have a wide selection of all kinds of bags, so you can be sure to find what you need. However, the bag market is huge, and that's why we've taken the liberty of sorting through what we've found. So here on the webshop, you'll only see the best and most stylish bags. If you're missing any type of bag, you can count on us! At 2trendy, you'll find the most popular models, brands, and colors.