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Comfort Suits

Let go of the stiff and uncomfortable suit.

If you are looking for a formal look - for a special dinner, a business meeting or a festive occasion - you've landed on the right page. You will be guaranteed to get a suit where the comfort is exceptional and the price at the bottom.

All the blazers and dress pants in this category contain either spandex or elastane, which gives them the most amazing stretch - and that's why we love them.

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Comfort suits

The suit should be a staple in every man's wardrobe. He should have a couple of different suits in his rotation, making it possible for him to always have a few combinations up his sleeve. No matter if the occasion is special or if it's just for everyday wear, the suit is a go to option. Like the normal suit, our comfort suit guarantees you an amazing style, just even more comfortable. The nice suits are with stretch, so you can feel free and ready to move, no matter which activity calls.

Find the suit for any occasion

The suit is a good choice for any festive occasion, when something special needs to be celebrated. While this has originally been the most common use for suits, just using them for everyday work at the office or in any other work situation is possible. With our comfort suits, we're sure you're going to want to wear them more often than your traditional stiff suit. If you don't already have one, you're going to need a suit one day - why not get the most comfortable?

Get the whole suit or just a blazer

As an alternative to getting the whole suit, you can with most of our colors, get just a blazer or dress pants. Perhaps you already have some different pieces in your collection, and just want something to spice up your old pants or blazer. This way, you can tailor your look to your liking, and switch it up whenever the opportunity arises. No matter what you choose, you'll be left with amazing comfort that will last you a long time. You can of course also still get the whole comfort suit, which will surround you in comfort all day long.

The best accessories for your new suit

The number one thing you need for your new suit is a dress shirt. You of course want the shirt to be as comfortable as your new suit, which is why our top recommendation would be to pair the suit with one of our comfort shirts - this way, you'll get the complete experience, and be ready for anything. Furthermore, you might want to brighten up your outfit even more with extra accessories. You might want to try a butterfly or tie for the special moments, or if you want to shine even more, maybe take a look at our jewelry.

The fit

The fit all depends on how you like your suit, and your body composition. A slim silhouette looks great in a slim suit, and a wide silhouette looks great in a wide suit. However, our comfort suits are designed to fit anyone, no matter what. Our comfort suit is a slim fitting model, but with the added stretch and comfort, it won't feel like it. You get the formal look of a slim fit suit, but with comfort that makes you able to wear it all day every day, if that's what you wish. A really great tip for deciding when the suit fits, is to look at the length of the sleeves. There should be around 1 cm left for the dress shirt to show underneath, making it look classy and formal. When looking at the pants, there is also a possibility to style them towards your liking. A shorter length combined with loafers have been increasingly popular, but you can of course also go with the classy choice of dress shoes and normal length pants. The possibilities are endless.

3 tips for the perfect suit

Of course, with all these great options it can be extremely difficult to choose. That's why we have come up with a list of 3 things you might want to consider when looking for your next perfect suit.

1. Color: Pick your favorite color, and the one you feel most comfortable wearing. Pick a dress shirt that goes well with your chosen color. A white or pale blue dress shirt looks good with almost any suit.

2. Cut: Choose a suit that fits you well, and one you like the feeling of. And remember that the dress shirt should show under the sleeve.

3. Decorations Get a tie or butterfly for formal occasions, and rings and bracelets for everyday wear.