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Comfort Shorts

“Comfortable, Flexible and stylish”

Comfort shorts are, like all the other clothes in our comfort collection, the perfect combination of style and comfort. In the summer heat there is nothing more frustrating than a pair of inflexible and irritating shorts. On this page, you'll find all of our most comfortable and stylish shorts. The shorts are loaded with elastane, making them super stretchy and comfortable.

We have carefully selected the shorts that match our criteria and give you the most value for your money. Feel the difference yourself and get ready for summer with our comfort pants.
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Comfort shorts

Our comfort shorts are, as with our comfort pants, extremely popular, especially in warm weather during summer. The high amount of elastane makes the shorts incredibly soft and comfortable, while at the same time giving you a cool look. They give a twist to the more traditional shorts, and combine great style with great comfort. This way, you won't have to compromise any more when choosing your shorts.

Combination of material


With polyester the shorts are both extremely light and durable. In other words, you will have amazing shorts that will last you a long time.


The viscose increases the comfort dramatically with its soft to the touch feeling. You might even compare it to silk. At the same time, it has heat conducting capabilities, making it perfect for a pair of shorts.


The high amount of elastane in our shorts gives them the perfect stretch finish - this way, the shorts will never feel restricting like regular shorts.

Here at 2Trendy, we have many different types of comfort shorts, so you'll be covered no matter what kind of event you're going to, or just for relaxing. With comfort shorts from us you'll be safe the entire summer. Some of the types of comfort shorts we have are:

Denim Shorts: A safe winner.

There are many different options when you need to find a pair of shorts as a boy or man. Here at 2Trendy you'll find a huge selection of shorts. One of the most popular types of shorts is denim shorts. The denim shorts are always a safe bet, as they go with pretty much anything. They can be used for any occasion, both more festive and the more laid back ones, depending on how you style them. Pair them with a nice shirt, and you'll be ready for all the summer parties, or maybe go with a t-shirt with print, and you're good to go for everyday summer times. The possibilities are endless.

Denim Shorts with frayed edges.

We offer many different types of denim shorts. You might like the raw model with the frayed edges. This gives the shorts a cool, fresh, and urban look. Perfect for the street and loose individuals.

Classic Denim

We also of course have the completely classic denim shorts in different colors - light blue, dark blue and black being the most popular. You'll find a large selection in different washes, so there's something for everyone.

Ripped denim

And then we have another classic - the ripped denim shorts. These, like the shorts with frayed edges, will give you a raw and relaxed look, and they are perfect for spicing up any outfit. As you can see, we have a ton of different denim comfort shorts - so take a look at our selection, and we're sure you'll find something you absolutely love. Denim shorts are perfect for when the warm weather starts hitting, so get yours now, and be ready for summer!

The classic comfort shorts

Apart from the comfort shorts in denim, we of course have the classic, soft and lovely comfort shorts you properly already know. They are in the same family as our incredibly popular comfort pants, and both the comfort and style follow through to the shorts. With the totally classic comfort shorts that come in both solid colored, striped and checked versions, you'll be guaranteed sublime comfort for the entire day during the summer heat waves. Like the denim shorts, you can style them with both shirts and t-shirts. Then all you need is a pair of sneakers or sandals, then you'll be ready for an amazing summer.

The best accessories for your comfort shorts

To take your outfit to the next level, you should look no further than our big collection of accessories. In recent times, jewelry for men has gotten more and more popular - you could try a necklace, bracelet or a couple of rings to really spice it up. With the right accessories, your look will be more proportioned and completed. This way, you'll be the most stylish guy in the room, while also being the comfiest.

Chose the right comfort shorts with 3 tips

Even though you can't go wrong with any of our comfort shorts, it can be hard to chose. That’s why we have collected 3 tips to guide you through making the decision.

1. Color: Both the color and the pattern can like with every other piece of clothing make a huge difference. You can choose this depending on your temperament, taste and style. The white and lighter colors are great in the summer time to make you shine even more. The darker colors are more relaxed and classic, and fit especially well in the winter time.

2. Fit: The fit is another way of making the fit yours uniquely. You can choose a size larger than usual if you want an oversized fit, or you can go with your normal size for a regular fit.

3. Accessories: Remember the cool accessories to take the look even higher and to really shine through. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and a couple of sandals are must haves for a great summer.