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When summer knocks on the door and the sun shines from a cloudless sky, it's time to replace the winter wardrobe with light summer clothes. An indispensable item in the summer wardrobe for both boys and girls is shorts. When you see the very first boy or girl strolling down the street in a pair of nice shorts, it's a sign that the temperatures on the thermometer are rising significantly, and summer is on its way.

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Denim Shorts: A Safe Bet

However, there are plenty of options when you, as a boy/man, are looking for a pair of nice summer shorts. Here at 2trendy, you'll find a huge selection of knee-length pants, including denim shorts. Denim shorts are always a sure winner. You can wear such a pair of shorts for both everyday wear and parties, depending on how you choose to style them. For example, style them with a nicer shirt. That way, you have the outfit for the many summer parties. You can also style them with a lightweight t-shirt with or without a print. This is perfect for everyday wear when everything can be a bit more relaxed.

Denim with Frayed Edge

We offer many different types of denim shorts. You can, for instance, choose the more rugged model that has a "cut-off" edge. This gives the pant edge a frayed appearance with a cool expression. Perfect for those who want to look both loose and street at the same time.

Classic Denim

We also sell completely classic denim shorts in various colors, such as light blue, dark blue, and black. They come in different washes, meaning there's an option to buy completely black denim shorts and some more "washed" models.

Ripped Denim

Furthermore, there are also denim shorts with "holes" in the fabric. This adds to the relaxed and raw look of the mid-length pants, which catches even more attention than knee-length shorts with a "cut-off" edge. As you can read from the above, there are plenty of options right here on the site to find a pair of cool denim shorts. We offer several models from the brand Just Junkies, known for making quality items at a good price. It's simply a matter of exploring our wide selection. One thing is certain: You can never go wrong with denim knee-length shorts, and they are an almost indispensable item to have in your wardrobe when the summer heat arrives.

Stand Out with Patterns on Your Swim Shorts

When you want to make a little extra impression while on vacation or at the beach with friends, you should buy a pair of knee-length swim shorts with patterns. Patterns are a hit in both boys' and girls' wardrobes. Therefore, don't hesitate to buy a pair of swim shorts with patterns. These will only add more edge to your style.

Camouflage Swim Shorts

Here on the site, you have the opportunity to buy nice swim shorts with various patterns. This includes swim shorts with camouflage patterns. The khaki green color is quite trendy and looks especially good when the sun's rays have given your skin a nice sun-kissed tone.

Hawaii Swim Shorts

Another option is Hawaii shorts. These are typically characterized by being blue, red, yellow, or green. At the same time, they feature patterns of exotic palm trees or beautiful Hawaiian flowers. Such swim shorts are here to stay. They have always been fashionable and will always be. They are fun, summery, and perfect for both the pool and the beach.

Remember the Relaxation Shorts

An essential part of the summer wardrobe is also a pair of relaxation shorts. Because there's nothing more delightful than being able to put on a pair of loose shorts in soft cotton when the summer heat is at its peak. Fear not. Here at our store, we have a pair of knee-length relaxation pants for you, so you can enjoy the summer warmth in the most comfortable way.

Get Your Hands on the Stylish Shorts

Do you enjoy dressing a bit more stylishly from time to time? Then it's crucial that you also make sure to acquire a pair of shorts with a slightly more stylish character. That way, you can avoid having to slip into a pair of long pants when the temperature reaches 25 degrees and you just want to look a bit nicer than usual. we has the shorts you need. We offer, among other things, stylish shorts from brands like Only & Sons, Clean Cut Copenhagen, Jack & Jones, and Kronstadt. Within these options, you'll find many different models. This gives you the best conditions for finding the pair of stylish knee-length shorts you desire.

Go Classic!

For example, you can choose a pair of solid-colored knee-length pants in cotton material. These are both comfortable to wear and suitable for any occasion. Add a nice belt in black or dark brown, and you're ready for anything.

Comfort Shorts

Comfort Shorts have become extremely popular in recent years. In the summer heat, there's nothing worse than inflexible and irritating shorts. This is where comfort shorts come into play, as they ensure sublime comfort and flexibility.

Tartan is Modern

Another way to go is to choose a pair of tartan shorts. These are also a bit more stylish than "normal" shorts and look especially nice when you add a smart belt. A pair of plaid shorts create more visual interest and elevate an outfit. By simply pairing them with a black or white t-shirt or shirt, you'll have a really nice summer ensemble.