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If you're looking for a new wallet or cardholder for your many cards, you've come to the right place. Secrid offers a wide range of incredibly stylish leather wallets and cardholders, perfect for the modern man. In 2011, Secrid emerged from the Dutch design company 'Design Service International.' Their aim was to provide secure and stylish card and credit card storage solutions. That's why their cardholders are so compact that you won't even notice you're carrying the most essential items with you. Coins and paper money have long served their purpose, and payments are now primarily made with cards. This type of payment requires innovation, and with Secrid, you get a great option for a perfect cardholder or leather wallet. Secrid is committed to delivering products that are easy to handle, and that's why their wallets and cardholders are designed with user-friendliness in mind. You can easily slide your card out, avoiding the hassle of fumbling for your card at the supermarket checkout. These wallets and cardholders have received numerous awards, leaving no doubt that they are among the best on the market.
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Secrid: The Modern Man's Choice for Style and Functionality in Card Holders and Smart Wallets

When it comes to storing your cards and protecting your personal information, there's one brand that stands out as the top choice for both design and sustainability - Secrid. Secrid is not just a manufacturer of card holders and smart wallets; they are leaders of a revolution in sustainable production, with a deep-rooted history in design and quality.

Family-Owned in Holland

Secrid is more than just a brand; it's a heritage. Founded as a family business in Holland, Secrid has preserved its precious legacy and traditions across generations. This strong familial connection is at the heart of the brand's cultural identity and its enduring commitment to delivering top-tier products for the modern man.

High-Quality Card Holders and Smart Wallets

Secrid is best known for its card holders and smart wallets, which have become symbols of luxury and functionality in one. Each product is meticulously designed with the modern man's needs in mind, offering the perfect combination of style and user-friendliness. Secrid's products are not just accessories; they are a lifestyle.

Sustainability from Production to Consumption

Secrid has always been deeply committed to preserving the planet, a commitment reflected in their production methods. All Secrid products are still manufactured in Holland, giving the brand full control over quality and working conditions. At the same time, their focus on sustainability, both socially and environmentally, is ingrained in their DNA. Secrid's products are made from materials that are gentle on the environment, and the brand actively works to reduce their ecological footprint.

Protect Your Cards and Your Identity

Secrid's card holders and smart wallets are not only stylish but also come with a built-in RFID-blocking function. This safeguards your cards and personal information against unauthorized access, which is crucial in the modern world where technology makes it easy for fraudsters to steal your information.

Discover Secrid and Make a Difference

Secrid is more than just a brand - it's a commitment to style, functionality, and sustainability. When you choose Secrid, you're embracing a lifestyle that caters to the modern man's needs while also taking responsibility for our planet. Discover Secrid today and experience the ultimate fusion of design and function that protects your cards and your identity in a sustainable way. Make Secrid your choice and explore the next generation of card holders and smart wallets created for the modern man with an awareness of the world around him.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Secrid's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility goes beyond their products. As a brand that manufactures all its card holders and smart wallets in Holland, they place a strong emphasis on preserving jobs and strengthening local communities. They create favorable working conditions for their employees and work to minimize their environmental impact through resource efficiency and sustainable materials.

Secrid carefully selects materials to reduce their environmental footprint. They use leather from European tanneries that meet stringent environmental standards, and their aluminum is sourced from recycled material. This is part of their commitment to creating products that protect not only your cards and identity but also our planet.

Popular Products

Secrid's range of card holders and smart wallets has become a favorite among men who seek style and functionality in one. Here are some of their most popular products:

Card Protector: This iconic product is the core of Secrid's collection. It's an ultra-thin card holder with an RFID-blocking function that protects your cards and makes them easily accessible with a single touch.

Miniwallet: This smart wallet not only accommodates your cards but also cash and receipts. It's designed to be compact and stylish, offering a practical way to organize your belongings.

Slimwallet: If you prefer an even slimmer profile, the Slimwallet is the ideal solution. It has all the essentials and fits easily in your pocket.

Twinwallet: With double capacity and separate compartments for your cards and cash, the Twinwallet is perfect for those who need extra storage space without compromising on style.

Explore the wide range of Secrid products that suit your personal taste and needs, and choose a card holder or smart wallet that reflects your lifestyle and commitment to sustainability. With Secrid, you're not only well-protected but also making a positive difference for our planet.