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Find shirts for every man, for every occasion. On this page you will find a wide selection of shirts, where the quality is always on point.
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The shirt for every occasion

The shirt has alway been and always will be a classic piece of clothing, for every man with respect for his wardrobe, and we can't blame them. A shirt can both be beautiful to look at, and comfortable to wear, and fits every occasion. It has been like this for many years, and the shirt can both be an addition to your formal attire, or you can dress it down for a more casual look. Traditionally, the shirt has been only for formal occasions, but in recent years, the shirt has gotten more opportunities to fit in any closet. Shirts are of course still very much in demand for parties and other festive occasions, but the recent hype for oversized shirts has seen them be a staple in any streetwear or urban look. Also, the short sleeve shirt has gotten more popular, and is especially popular for a casual summer look. To make a long story short, we have shirts for every man, and every occasion. At 2trendy you will find an exciting catalog of many different and wonderful shirts, so we're sure you'll find one for your personal style and taste. Even if you’re not in need of a shirt at the moment, you can always get inspired by our massive selection of quality shirts, and you might even find something to take your style to the next level. You might find a shirt you didn’t know you needed, and that you just must have! You might also find the perfect gift for a special person - take a look around, you might just find the perfect shirt.

The formal shirt

As mentioned above, the shirt has traditionally been used mostly for formal occasions. This is self-explanatory - the classic, elegant and beautiful white shirt in combination with a suit and tie as well as newly polished shoes - this might be as close as we get to the perfect formal outfit. This can be used for many occasions including but not limited to: weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and so on. The formal attire is also often used in business related activities or for everyday work at the office. It can be used both with and without tie, formal trousers or jeans - the possibilities are endless.

The short and long sleeves

For a long time, it has been the long sleeves that have been most prominent on shirts, and it still is. The long sleeves are a symbol of a stylish man and outfit. However, the short sleeves have become increasingly popular, especially in the summer months, where they add a bit more style than a regular t-shirt. You will find a wide variety of beautiful, stylish, cool, funny and exciting shirts at 2trendy. This gives you a lot of possibilities to combine your outfit and express yourself freely. You can, as mentioned above, have a more formal style with a suit and tie, or you can choose a pair of jeans, and be more relaxed. In the summertime, a short sleeve shirt with a pair of shorts is perfect for the heat, and will still leave you looking impeccable.

Shirts for every style and occasion

As we have already mentioned, the shirts you find here at 2trendy will give you a lot of freedom and creativity when picking an outfit. Even the way you dress or style the shirt can give you more options.

You could for an example:

1. Leave a few of the top buttons open

2. Use a tie, butterfly or suit along with your shirt

3. Have the shirt tucked or untucked

4. Leave the shirt open with a t-shirt underneath

No matter how you choose to wear your shirt, you will already be on your way to a better style with a shirt from us. You will be sure to find good quality clothing that feels comfortable, and for an affordable price.

Shirts in many different styles and colors

At 2trendy, the quality is always at the top, so it all depends on what style you want to go for. Do you want a delicate and solid colored shirt? Or do you want something with color, or maybe even an exciting pattern? We have it all, here at 2trendy. You can also vary your shirts with fitting - do you want something that sits close to the body? Or maybe something a bit more loose and oversized? You might just want one of both.

Shirts for every man

As explained above, there are many different ways to style and combine your shirt. With all the different possibilities, you can tailor your look exactly to your personality. Do you want a really “out there” shirt with a lot of color and pattern, or do you want a more subtle shirt that fits every occasion? You can do both with shirts from 2trendy. You can try a little bit of everything, and explore your own style, so you’ll be ready to express yourself with a new, awesome wardrobe. The most important thing is that you will feel comfortable in the clothes you buy from us, and with the many different styles we have to offer, we are sure that you will find something that you will like. So no matter if you’re a regular party goer, or a sophisticated business individual (or both), you can find the perfect shirt at 2Trendy.