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Comfort Collection

“The most comfortable clothes on the market"

Are you interested in nice and fashionable clothes, where the comfort is top notch. Then we suggest 2trendy's "Comfort Collection" We have selected pants, jackets, and shirts that fit perfectly into the comfort universe

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Comfort Collection
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Mark Pants Stripe Teak

Why choose from our comfort collection?

All products from our comfort collection secures sublime comfort and a convenient and fresh feeling. It doesn't matter if it's the pants, shorts, jackets, overshirts or suit for the fine occasions or just everyday wear - we have what you need. If you're used to being tired of wearing clothes that fit tightly and feel uncomfortable, you don't need to look any further than our comfort collection. With our comfort products you'll get comfort like never before without compromising the perfect fit. You'll get a formal and tight look, just comfortable instead of frustrating.

Find comfort product for any occasion

No matter what occasion you're up against, we have what you need. Some of the things you might love are:

Comfort pants

With comfort pants, you'll be comfortable all day long, no matter if you're going to work or a party. Or both.

Comfort shorts

Comfort shorts are the younger brother of comfort pants. You get the same comfort that you're used to, just in a shorter version. Perfect for the summer, perfect for relaxing.

Comfort jackets and overshirts

For your outer layer, we also have tons of comfort available. No matter if you want a traditional jacket or an overshirt. The circumstances don't matter, you get comfort no matter what.

Comfort suit

Tired of your old, stiff, tight and uncomfortable suit? Get yourself a comfort suit, and feel the difference yourself.

The perfect accessories for the comfort collection

To add some spice to your new look, accessories are your new best friends. Jewelry for men has in recent years exploded in popularity, you might want a necklace, a bracelet or a couple of cool rings to really elevate your style. You'll be ready for whatever life throws at you, no matter if it's a wedding or a day at the office.

Perfect fit with more comfort

With clothes from our comfort collection you get the tight and formal style, but at the same time lots of stretch and comfort. What more can you ask for?

Get the right outfit with 3 tips

Even though you never really can go wrong with our comfort collection, it can be hard to choose between all the great styles. Therefore, we have made 3 tips to make sure you look your best.

1. Color: Both the color and the pattern can like with all your other clothes make a huge impact. You can choose color and pattern depending on your personality, temper, style and taste. The white and lighter colors are perfect for summer, and the black and darker colors are classy and work with everything.

2. Fit: You can tailor the fit to your liking by sizing up or down depending on what look and feel you are trying to accomplish.

3. Accessories: Never forget the cool accessories, that will take the look to the next level. Lots of jewelry will make you absolutely irresistible.