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Selected is classic and stylish fashion from the Danish clothing giant Bestseller. Selected offers a wide range of fashion clothing and is always a guarantee of good value for money.

It's Danish quality and Danish design – and it's clothing that will complement any style. The clothing provides an elegant, clean, and classic look, and it will quickly make you look your absolute best. Moreover, Selected is a brand that creates clothing at affordable prices, making it accessible to everyone.

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SELECTED: Timeless Aesthetics and Classic Style

SELECTED is a renowned fashion brand that has gained recognition and attracted a dedicated following worldwide, thanks to their ability to deliver timeless aesthetics and classic style of high quality. This brand has made it their mission to create clothing that goes beyond fast trends and instead focuses on delivering clothing that remains stylish and current for years.

The Story of SELECTED:

SELECTED was founded in 1997 and is part of the Danish fashion market, where Scandinavian minimalism and a preference for simplicity are deeply rooted in the culture. SELECTED has incorporated these values into their design philosophy and created a unique niche in the fashion world. The brand has evolved and adapted over time, but its core values remain unchanged - timeless elegance and classic style.

The Iconic Products:

Suits: SELECTED is known for producing some of the most sophisticated and well-constructed suits on the market. Their suits are designed to have the perfect fit and a timeless look, making them suitable for any occasion, from business meetings to formal events.

Sweaters: SELECTED's sweaters are a true masterpiece of comfort and style. Their range of knitwear includes lightweight pullovers to warm cardigans, all crafted with meticulous attention to detail to ensure that they not only keep you warm but also look good.

Shirts: SELECTED's range of shirts is a tribute to classic Scandinavian elegance. With their clean lines and carefully selected materials, these shirts are perfect for both everyday wear and more formal occasions.

Pants: SELECTED offers a wide range of pants to suit every taste and occasion. From smart and tailored pants to more casual chinos, SELECTED's pants combine style and comfort in an outstanding way.

SELECTED has a dedicated approach to sustainability and ethical production practices. They strive to minimize their impact on the environment and work closely with suppliers who share their values of sustainable fashion.

Whether you are looking for the perfect suit for an important event, a warm sweater for winter, or a timeless shirt for your daily wardrobe, you can rely on SELECTED to deliver quality and style in a perfect combination. With their focus on timeless aesthetics and classic style, SELECTED is a brand that never goes out of fashion.

Design Philosophy and Inspiration:

SELECTED's design philosophy is rooted in the concept of simplicity. They believe that true beauty and timeless elegance are found in simplicity. Their collections are characterized by clean lines, minimalist details, and neutral colors. This approach makes their clothing versatile and easy to combine with other pieces in your wardrobe. SELECTED draws inspiration from the Scandinavian nature and lifestyle, which is reflected in their designs that are as practical as they are aesthetically appealing.

Quality and Craftsmanship:

SELECTED is known for their uncompromising focus on quality and craftsmanship. They use only the best materials, and their clothing is carefully constructed to ensure a long lifespan. This results in clothing that stays beautiful and stylish for a long time. SELECTED does not compromise on quality, and it can be seen and felt in every product they make.

Sustainability and Ethics:

SELECTED is committed to producing clothing in a way that respects both people and the planet. They work closely with suppliers who share their values of fair labor conditions and sustainable production methods. Their commitment to minimizing environmental impact can be seen in their choice of materials and their efforts to reduce waste in the production process.

Global Appeal:

SELECTED has managed to build a global appeal thanks to their timeless design and quality products. Their clothing is loved by a wide range of people worldwide, from fashion-conscious consumers to business professionals and creative souls.

SELECTED, a Lifestyle:

SELECTED is not just a clothing brand; it's a lifestyle. Their focus on timeless aesthetics and classic style, combined with their commitment to quality and sustainability, makes them a brand that appeals to those who appreciate elegance and simplicity. Whether you are looking for the perfect business suit, a warm winter sweater, or timeless pants, you can count on SELECTED to deliver timeless fashion designed to last.

Nordic Minimalism:

SELECTED celebrates the Nordic minimalist aesthetics known for its simplicity, functionality, and purity. This style reflects the Scandinavian nature and lifestyle, characterized by vast landscapes, calm color tones, and a sense of peace and harmony. SELECTED's designs are often marked by clean lines, neutral colors, and a pure, uncluttered aesthetic, making the clothing versatile and timeless.

Materials from Nature:

SELECTED draws on the natural resources and materials that are characteristic of the Nordic countries. This includes materials like wool, cotton, and linen, which are both comfortable and durable. Their use of these natural materials not only gives the clothing a pleasant feel but also reflects their commitment to sustainability and environmental respect.

Seasonal Changes and Functionality:

The Nordic lifestyle requires clothing that can adapt to changing seasons. SELECTED understands this and creates collections that cater to the needs of a climate with varying weather conditions. From warm winter jackets to lightweight summer shirts, their clothing is both stylish and functional.

SELECTED successfully encapsulates the Nordic spirit in their clothing and conveys it to people around the world. Their inspired designs express an understanding of Nordic simplicity and beauty and connect it with a modern, global consciousness. SELECTED's clothing is not just a statement of fashion; it is also a tribute to the timeless beauty and functionality deeply embedded in Nordic culture.