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Comfort Pants

“The most comfortable pants on the market”

Our Comfort Pants are pants which is extremely comfortable and nice to wear. At the same time they have a classy and stylish look. Comfort Pants is the perfect combination between style and comfort. The pants contains up to 7% elastane which makes them exceptionally stretchy.

A combination of viscose and poylester gives the pants a stylish look as well as a super nice and comfortable feeling when you wear them.

Basically Comfort Pants are classy pants with a unique blend of style and comfort.

More than 30.000 of our customers has already bought our Comfort Pants, and the revolutionary concept is here to stay. Try the most comfortable pants on the market, you definitely won’t regret it.

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Look sharp with the right Comfort Pants.


Containing 63% polyester, the pants are extremely light and has a high durability.


The 32% viscose raises comfort due to the very smooth and silklike feeling. On top of that Viscose leads the natural body warmth out through the fabric


Elastane is your garantuee for the most extreme comfort and stretch finish. The pants will never feel stiff as other suit pants typically would.

There are many different Comfort Pants on the market, and therefore we have chosen the ones that we think are the best on the market in terms of quality and price. We have a very big range of Comfort Pants and therefore you find many different colours and sizes that you won’t find other places. I.e. we are one of only ones to sell pinstripe Comfort Pants from Only & Sons, which has a very % of elastane. Generally the Comfort Pants from Only & Sons is a very popular model.

With Comfort Pants you don’t have to choose between wearing sweat pants and stylish chinos. Comfort Pants gives you the ability to wear the same stylish pants no matter what you are doing. You can easily wear the at the office, for a night out or even when you are just lying on the couch. The stretchy material gives you max comfort at any occasion.

When choosing Comfort Pants, you should typically go for the same pantssize as you usually use. With 5% elastane these pants are extremely flexible, stretchy and comfortable.