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Comfort Pants

“The most comfortable pants on the market”

Our Comfort Pants are pants which are extremely comfortable and nice to wear. At the same time they have a classy and stylish look. Comfort Pants are the perfect combination between style and comfort. The pants contain elastane, which makes them exceptionally stretchy.

A combination of viscose and polyester gives the pants a stylish look as well as a super nice and comfortable feeling when you wear them.

Comfort Pants are classy pants with a unique blend of style and comfort.

More than 250.000 of our customers have already bought our Comfort Pants, and the revolutionary concept is here to stay. Try the most comfortable pants on the market, you definitely won’t regret it.

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Comfort Collection
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Mark Pants Stripe Teak

Comfort pants

Look sharp and ready with comfort pants

There's a lot of different comfort pants on the market, and you might hear people call them Performance Pants as well. We have chosen the ones we like the most, and the ones that deliver the most quality for the best prices possible. This ensures that you get the best pants possible for the best possible price. In other words, you get a lot of value for your money.

Mark Pants, Comfort Pants, Performance Pants - they’re all terms for beautiful pants that feel like a pair of jogging pants. Comfort pants have become increasingly popular and with good reason. The thought of a pair of presentable dress pants that feels like a pair of joggers is genius, and of course something you should experience for yourself. That’s why we have a large selection of Comfort Pants - this way you can find the perfect pants for you and your style. We have the classic solid colored styles that fit great at the office or just for running errands, as well as the more fancy styles with stripes and checkered patterns. If you are tired of pants that lock you in and restrict you, you need to try Comfort Pants. We are sure you are going to find something you love.

The best materials for the best pants

The combination of materials is as with any other clothing extremely important, and the same counts for our Comfort Pants. The materials have been carefully selected and each of the components secures an amazing product with their own unique abilities.


The viscose is the main contributor of comfort, because of its soft and silk-like feeling. It's the viscose that makes the pants feel soft to the touch, and secures comfort all day long. It’s this soft feeling that gives Comfort Pants their reputation of feeling like joggers. Other than the extreme comfort, the viscose also has another great attribute. It acts as a heat conductor, which means you won’t have to worry about overheating. This means you can wear the pants all day and be sure that you have amazing comfort.


You can find polyester pretty much anywhere, and with good reason. Polyester makes any product very strong and durable, which is also the case for our Comfort Pants. In most cases there will be a high percentage of polyester in our comfort pants, which makes sure they are really durable and will last you many uses.


Elastane is the material that gives the pants their elastic feeling, and the famous stretch. There is a high concentration of elastane of about 4-5% in our Comfort Pants, which gives them their exceptional stretch

Create the perfect outfit with comfort pants

With so many different styles, it can be difficult to choose. Therefore, we have tried to make some recommendations. You of course want to look amazing everywhere you go. Take all the inspiration you want, and you'll quickly be ready to get a new outfit.

Tops: There are many different choices when it comes to mixing and matching your new comfort pants with tops. The most important thing to go with your comfort pants might be the top. Of course the most obvious choice would be to pair them with one of our Comfort Shirts. This way you will be covered in comfort from top to bottom. Of course it is also possible to choose something more simple and basic like a t-shirt in combination with a hoodie. With comfort pants you'll get a versatile piece of clothing that can be used for both everyday wear and more special occasions.

Shoes: At the end of your new pants, you'll of course want some nice and fashionable shoes. As with everything else mentioned above, there are different options here as well. If you want to look more formal, a pair of dress shoes or loafers would be perfect, and if you are looking for a more casual fit, a pair of sneakers would be a good fit.

Size and fit

Our comfort pants are regular sized, and we always recommend you to pick your normal size. There can be small changes in the fit from style to style, because of different material combinations. However, this shouldn't affect which size you pick.