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Slim Fit Jeans

Slim fit jeans are the most form-fitting model of our jeans. They hug closely to the legs, creating a sleek and streamlined look. Most of our slim fit jeans have plenty of stretch, so you'll experience the best of both worlds - stylish and clean jeans with added freedom of movement and flexibility. Our slim fit jeans come in a multitude of colors and various washed shades, so you can definitely find a pair that fits into your wardrobe..

Slim fit jeans naturally have a narrow fit, both at the waist, thigh, knee, and legs. They often sit just below the waist, also known as low rise

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Regular Fit Jeans

When it comes to jeans, we can't overlook the classic - regular fit jeans. They are undoubtedly the most versatile jeans, and as the name suggests, they are entirely ordinary. They provide more room than slim fit jeans from the waist down. With a pair of regular jeans, you get jeans that you can wear every day, regardless of the occasion.

Regular jeans have a regular fit that offers good room without being baggy or oversized. They often sit right at the waist, also known as regular rise

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Loose Fit Jeans


Taking a step further, we have loose fit jeans, which are a bit wider than regular jeans. With loose fit jeans, you get more room at the waist and thighs, as well as a wider leg opening. Generally, loose fit jeans provide a more airy and youthful look that complements a relaxed style.

Loose fit jeans have a loose fit that provides ample space and freedom of movement. They often sit just above the waist, also known as high rise.

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Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans are the widest and loosest of our jeans. They fit perfectly into a street and youthful style. Baggy jeans have become incredibly popular, in part due to social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where influencers and content creators incorporate baggy jeans into their looks. In general, the youthful, somewhat rebellious style inspired by hip-hop and skateboarding has made a big comeback. We, of course, have a wide range of trendy baggy jeans, whether you're buying for yourself or as a gift.

Baggy jeans have a very loose fit with plenty of room all the way down the pants. They often sit above the waist, also known as high rise

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Denim Jakker

Denim jackets are classics for the cold autumn and winter months. If you want a rugged style and a jacket that lasts, you've come to the right place. We have a great selection of denim jackets in different colors, with or without fur. In other words, we're confident that you can find your next denim jacket with us.

Our denim jackets naturally pair perfectly with the other products in our denim collection but are also great for your other outfits.

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Denim Shirts

A denim shirt is the perfect choice if you want a shirt that exudes a rugged and casual look. You get a shirt that still radiates good style, just in a slightly more informal tone than a regular shirt. Denim shirts are often of thicker quality, making them perfect for cold weather or transitional periods.

You can match denim shirts with almost anything. If you really love denim, jeans are, of course, an obvious choice, but chinos or other pants also work well. The possibilities are many!

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